Two New Models Added

HQ Tennessee Air National Guard Crest and 315th Training Squadron Crest are now available.

The current queue is just one model, a US Navy Retired pin that will go on the other models page. For those unaware, if you request something that’s not a military emblem but I think is something other customers might like to have I’ll offer this page as kind of a compromise for custom modeling. When I do custom no one sees it but the person who orders it, so since I can only sell it once I charge more for it. These I might sell again so I put them up but it’s combo pack only on this page. It’s stuff like the Buzzard Bomb and Pick, Bone Frog, Navy and Coast Guard LDO Mustang plaques, stuff like that.

Two New Models Added and Image Problem is Back

Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery crest and US Navy Trauma Team patch are now available.

Nothing in the queue.

The issue with images not showing up has reared it’s ugly head again, I’ve gotten 4 emails in one day about it. The instructions to fix it work, and I’ve started adding a link to the top of each page for how to fix it (has to be done in your browser). If you’re going to my site and the images aren’t loading, click here for the instructions. Or if another site you use is having the same problem you can try it for them too, I’ve found this to work on two other sites.