3 Models Added

3 more models have been added, the US Army 3rd Army shoulder patch (standard and combat versions,) the USAF Intelligence badge and the US Navy Chief collar device.  Next up I’ll be correcting the crown on the RAF wings.  I used the crown image from the RAF crest without noticing that it has a curved base and the crown on the wings is flat on the bottom so that will need to be corrected.  Following that correction I’ll be back to the RAF crest followed by Riverine Squadron 3.

3rd army a 1 3rd army b 1 3rd army c 1 af intel a 1 af intel b 1 af intel c 1 chief a 1 chief b 1 chief c 1

RAF Pilot Brevet

The model for the RAF Pilot brevet is available for download.  There will be a slight change in the order mentioned in the previous post though, I’m placing the RAF crest on hold for a few days.  I’ve got requests stacking up but 3 of them are simple enough that I should be able to knock all three out in a couple of days max, so I’ll be making the models for 3rd Army patch, Navy Chief pin and the USAF Intelligence occupational badge.  Following these three models I’ll be making the RAF crest and the crest for Riverine Squadron 3 (not to be confused with the currently active Coastal Riverine Squadron 3, different crest.)

I’ve added a link to a new page for UK forces on my products page down near the bottom, temporarily marked with the just completed pilot brevet.  When the RAF crest is done that larger image will be used for that link.

raf pilot a 1 raf pilot b 1 raf pilot c 1