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2nd Engineer Battalion

The crest for the 2nd Engineer Battalion (USMC) is complete and available on the site.

There will be a slight delay in the 68th Airlift Squadron crest because it’s been brought to my attention that certain officer rank insignia in the Navy/Marine Corps rank is not correct.  It’s correct according to the chart at www.defense.gov/about/insignias/officers.aspx but my source was insistent.  So my next task will be to create new rank insignias for those ranks in question and add them to the zips I have on the server.

If you see anything wrong on my site please let me know either in the comments here, via the contact form or by email at info@cncmilitaryemblems.com.

12th Marine Regiment

The 12th Marine Regiment crest is completed and available for download.  Next up is the USAF 51st Logistics Support Squadron.  That shouldn’t take too long so I’ll be moving on to another Marine Corps crest then another Air Force crest.  I haven’t looked at the Marine Corps crests yet to pick the next one but I already know what I’m doing for the next Air Force crest.  Who could resist that mightiest of all fighting creatures, the pelican?

68th Airlift Squadron Crest

68th Airlift Squadron Crest showing the motto “Nullus Secundus” or “Second to None.”