More on Cut3D and dished models

I did a little more experimenting with the Cut3D demo and did a little more digging on the Vectric support site and found out that there is a trick to getting the dish to cut without cutting it out or machining a bunch of surface that doesn’t need to be machined.  On page two, if you set the machining boundary to symmetrical with .001 in the box next to it and use model silhouette checked it will carve the dish normally.  However, during the course of the experimentation I found that my normal dish is too vertical at the lip which causes pixelation in Cut3D at the join between the dish and the surface.  It looks like it would only take a minute to sand out after the cut but if your tool path is right and the model is right that’s a minute you shouldn’t need to waste sanding something you can machine smooth in the first place.  I’ve found that If I leave a lip on my dishes of .09 it will leave it as smooth as I created it in the first place, so that’s what I’ll be doing from now on.

If you’ve purchased a dished model and would like me to shoot you one with a lip I’d be glad to do it for you, just email me or use the contact form.

Queue update

The current queue: 6th Recon Squadron (done, will be up today), 16th Training Squadron (90% done, will also be up today) and new to the list, 455th Flying Training Squadron (not started yet) followed by the 6 Army diver badges.

Note for Cut3D users

I’ve recently found through correspondence with Vectric support that the way I’ve been making my dished models just doesn’t work well with Cut3D.  The solution is very easy, it’s actually just to stop cutting the models out of the zero plane, but I’ve already made a lot of models that way and it will take a considerable amount of time to get all the older models updated.  It takes very little time to create a corrected dished version of a model but quite a bit of time to get that corrected version online for general download.  As I create models in the future they’ll be Cut3D compatible, but for the older models until I get them all updated I’ll need Cut3D users to send me an email noting that they need the Cut3D version and I”ll make it and send it out ASAP.  My email address is or click here.

2 New Models

I knocked out a couple of quick ones today, the collar pins for Master Chief Petty Officer and Senior Chief Petty Officer.  The queue remains 6th RS, 16th Training Squadron and the Army diver badges.

scpo a 1 scpo b 1 scpo c 1 mcpo a 1 mcpo b 1 mcpo c 1