Hike Update

I’m occasionally going to post to this blog while I’m hiking, but it’s not going to be any kind of live continuous thing.  However, I have set up a satellite tracking map that will be updated daily, probably around 4 hour increments.  If you want to follow along to see where I am you can use the link below.  If you want to get in touch with me the same email address and contact form will work for that, but there will be delays since I’ll be anywhere from 2 to 5 days at a time without signal.  I don’t recommend contacting me though twitter or facebook, I’ve been totally unsuccessful in getting them to notify me of messages.

This tracking map will start live tracking the day I start my hike, February 20th.


New Model Added

Engineering Duty Officer Badge is now available.  I thought I had all the Navy badges done months ago but this one came out after I made my list.  So now I have all the Navy badges.  I hope.  If you find one I missed please let me know.

The post hike queue.

Honor Guard Badge
Naval Special Warfare Group 10
410th Security Police Squadron Patch