Army Weapons Qualification Badges

I have completed the Army weapons qualification badges.  The downloads  for these are a little different.  Due to the many different placards that can hang below these badges and the fact that many soldiers have multiple placards it was not feasible to create dished and sculpted dished versions of these models.  So there is only style a.  Each badge comes with all placards authorized from World War II until present and a blank one just in case.  The placards and badges are all sized so any placard can be used with any badge, and placards can be daisy chained just like the real badge.  The combo pack is all three badges and all the placards.  Please note despite the placards all being in one picture and linked together in the download they are all separate files and you will need to arrange them in the order you need.

im_marksman with clasp 1 sharp shooter with clasp 1 expert mk with clasp 1clasps all 1

New model added

I’ve just uploaded the model for the Regional Threats Analysis Squadron.  That was the only request I had so the queue is open.  Meanwhile, I’m working on Army marksmanship badges.  They’re not requested so I’m not in any rush.

reg threat analysis a 1 reg threat analysis b 1 reg threat analysis c 1

Change to queue scheduling

My policy since starting this site has been to accept requests for models with no obligation to purchase and no deposit.  My plan was to simply take requests and make the models in the order the requests came in.  Unfortunately, over the last 2 months I’ve been receiving requests for models that are then not purchased.  In fact, 11 of my last 15 requests were not purchased.  Not a problem except that I’m also getting requests from people who have a deadline to meet, and if the queue is full of requests that are not going to be cut it makes it difficult for the folks who have a deadline.  My preference is for the folks who are going to cut it to get it first, so I’m now requesting that if you make a request, and have a deadline, you include that deadline in your request.  If you don’t have a deadline don’t give me one.  All requests will still be made, but I’m going to prioritize the ones that will be cut over the ones that will not.

If you have a customer who has inquired of you about having something cut but has not committed, go ahead and request it without a deadline.  If the customer then commits to you you can email the deadline to me separately.  Similarly, if you have a deadline and your customer backs out, please let me know the deadline is no longer relevant.

By the way, when I talk about a deadline I’m not talking about the date you need to deliver to your customer, I’m talking about the date you need the model.  I have no way of knowing what the work flow is like in your shop, so tell me when you need the model to start your work.