Back Again

Looks like the thru hike is off for this year.  Long list of things going wrong for me on the second try culminating in I guess noro virus.  No fun in the woods.  Couldn’t even keep water down.  Fortunately I only had to hike 2 miles to a spot I could get picked up.

I’ll probably do a few more trips up there to hike over the course of the year, a week at a time maybe.  I didn’t get my re-set on modeling I was hoping for, but I don’t know what else to do about that.  I’ll re-open the queue and start modeling again in early April.

Hike Update

I’m back in Georgia and will be starting my hike tomorrow. Tracking will go live in the morning.

I’ll have intermittent internet access so you can continue to contact me as usual but may have to wait several days for a response, and I’ll have no access to files or any ability to edit models.

Post Hike Queue Update

Honor Guard Badge
Naval Special Warfare Group 10
410th Security Police Squadron Patch
USS Baya Crest
Royal Logistic Corps
Honorable Service Lapel Pin (Ruptured Duck)
Kings Bay Trident Refit Facility
USS South Dakota
USS Indiana
USS Virginia
USS Hyman G. Rickover
USS California