New Models Added

As I posted yesterday, I’ve added the Senior and Master levels of the AF Flight Surgeon badge to the first page of Air Force badges and uploaded that page. For some reason I couldn’t upload the picture for Master Flight Surgeon style b to FastSpring so that page is just text until I get an answer on my ticket. Now back to the queue.

Seven New Models Added

In my previous post I said I was working on making page 1 of Air Force Badges make a little more sense, and that included adding in the missing senior and master levels of badges that were already there. That turns out to be taking quite a bit longer than I expected, simply because there’s way more than I thought there were. I’ve also gotten a couple of requests for extremely simple items that I went ahead and did as well, namely the Air Force Flight Nurse badge in all levels and the War Eagle version of the Colonel rank emblem.

When I get a request I evaluate how long it will take me to make the base model, style a. If it’s something really easy (for me) like Flight Nurse or War Eagle, I go ahead and do it after I finish whatever I’m working on right now. Flight Nurse was very easy for me because I already had the wings, and I already had all levels of Nurse badge, so the only modeling involved was just fitting them together and making the dishes. War Eagle was even easier, I went into the Colonel eagle model I already have and turned the head around to face the arrows, then cut the old eagle out of the dishes and put the new eagle in. It still takes a few hours to get a model exported, uploaded, and ready for sale, but if I can get the whole job done in a few hours I go ahead and slip it in.

So the new models are War Eagle, Flight Nurse in all levels, Senior Medical Service Badge, and Air Force Biomedical Science badge in Basic and Master levels. I’ve got one more badge I’m going to go ahead and add levels to, Flight Surgeon, then I’m going to upload that page and go back to working the queue. There’s still a few more badges on that page that need the other levels but since I’m no longer capable of spending hour after hour doing this it would probably take me another week to finish those and no one is waiting for them.

Back at it

Break’s over, back to work. Didn’t seem to do much good.

I’m not working on the queue at the moment, I decided to re-arrange the first page of Air Force badges into a more logical sequence and found that I’m missing some stuff, for instance having senior and master levels of one badge but not the basic (which makes no sense, I had to make the basic to make the others) or having just the senior level or just the basic levels so I’m going to be bringing all those badges up to all levels. In addition I added what I think is the last Naval rate emblem this morning, Disbursement Clerk (DK). This is probably the tenth time I’ve thought I had them all so I won’t be surprised if I’m wrong again.

Taking a break

You may have noticed I haven’t been as productive lately. I’ve been having some trouble with my right arm, whined to my doctor about my hand going numb, and voilĂ  a few months and tests later I’ve got a nice little list of things wrong with it: carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome (this one’s iffy), radial tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and of course my old friend arthritis. Treatment involves splinting my wrist and elbow while I sleep and drastically reducing my computer usage, so I’ll be doing customer service only for a couple of weeks and see how it goes.