Queue update

I mentioned before that I might re-shuffle the queue, and I have done so.  This should not cause anyone to get their model any later than they would have, shuffling like this will save me a great deal of time.

So the new queue order:  214th Operations Support Sq (completed, awaiting upload), Air National Guard (completed, awaiting upload), 214th Reconnaissance Sq (about half done), Master Civil Engineer badge, Cyberspace Support badge, Naval Parachutist badge, First Class Petty Officer pin, CG Command at Sea badge, CG Officer in Charge Ashore badge, CG Officer in Charge Afloat badge, CG Command Ashore badge, Army JAG pin, USMC 9th Eng Supt Bn, Marine Corps Installations Pacific, 3rd Marine Logistics Group, USMC Combat Logistic Regiment 35, Headquarter Regt 3rd MLG.

Most of this stuff won’t take very long.  Next update will be when I upload all the Air Force models.