Queue update

When I get a request from someone for a model, I create a folder inside my Requested folder with the model name, the name of the person who requested it, and the queue number.  Queue number is determined by due date and what else is in the queue.  Only requested models get a queue number so the stuff I’m doing to fill out pages, like the Pathfinder badge I posted a few days ago just hang around in my Requested folder until there’s nothing with a number in front of them.  This is an easy and effective way to keep track of what I need to make.

Well, maybe I shouldn’t say effective.  I just got an email asking for an update for when the 6th RS model would be ready.  Unfortunately my initial reaction was “what the hell is the 6th RS?”  Digging through my email revealed that the 6th RS is the USAF 6th Reconnaissance Squadron, it was requested on October 23 and I replied with a queue number.  But there’s no folder for it.  There’s no folder in my requested, and there’s no folder in my Air Force folder.  Don’t know how I managed to reply with a queue number without creating a folder but I must have.

So that brings us to this post, the first queue update.  Up until now, I’ve only updated the blog when I uploaded a new model.  Now, I’ll continue to do that but I’ll also update the blog whenever I get a request.  Since I review the previous post when I do a new post this should help me to avoid this problem.

So, the queue as it stands right now: HMM261 first, followed by 6th RS, 16th Training Squadron and the Army diver badges.

Three new models

I’ve just uploaded the models for Army Aircorps (WWII) Aerial Gunner wings, Freefall Parachutist badge, and Pathfinder badge.  Up next, Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 261 (HMM-261) crest followed by the 6 Army diver badges.

No telling how long it will take to get the diver badges all done, I doubt I’ll upload them one at a time since none were requested.  Also anything that is requested will take priority.  These 6 diver badges are the last qualification badge models to be made for the current Army badges, so I may offer a set.

aerial gunner a 1 aerial gunner b 1 aerial gunner c 1 freefall parachutist a 1 freefall parachutist b 1 freefall parachutist c 1 pathfinder a 1 pathfinder b 1 pathfinder c 1