Current progress

There isn’t much current progress.  I’ve completed the ship and I’m mostly done with the center emblem.  I’m currently working on the scroll work around it.  This kind of thing can take a lot of time if I don’t have a good hi-res picture, and in this case I doubt there is one with enough resolution to figure out what I’m seeing on the side scrolls.  I’m going to have to make something up that is close to what I’m seeing.  Sadly, at the size I expect these things to be cut the detail I’m putting in won’t be carveable, but I want to have it detailed enough to blow up for a sign.  Once I finish the scroll work the eagle is all that’s left to do.  I’m not getting much time on it, though.  I’ve only put in a few hours since my last update.  There’s a lot going on, and I can’t really justify putting other things off for something that no one has requested.