Marine Corps rank is available

The USMC rank is completed, uploaded, and available on the site.  I’ve updated the combo pack to include Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force ranks, no change to the pricing.

Next up (barring a request) is the 16th Field Artillery Regiment which will complete the 4th ID 2nd Brigade Combat Team.

2 thoughts on “Marine Corps rank is available

  1. Chris – Not sure if this is a big deal or not but in your rank insignia packages at the rank of Colonel (Navy Captian) the DOD site has all the eagles facing to the left except the Navy captian which faces to the right. I never noticed that before. You have all the eagle heads facing to the right. Not really sure why I caught it but I just did? Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Dave, I appreciate the heads up anytime something seems amiss. In this case, though, the zip file contains eagles facing both directions. I was conserving space in the picture by only including one side.

    I’ve only checked the Army and Navy regs but both say pretty much the same thing. Here’s a quote from the Navy regs: “(2) Captain. Wear with the top of eagle’s head toward the collar, and head and olive branch pointing to the front (right and left).”

    There is another Col/Capt rank insignia called a War Eagle. It’s the same but the eagle is facing the arrows instead of the olive branch. I made it but did not include it in the rank package because it hasn’t been authorized since WWII ended, so the only people entitled to display it would have to have had the rank during WWII.

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