I’m still making components for the Marine Corps rank insignia.  The Eagle Globe and Anchor goes in the center of the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps rank.  I’ll need to make a bomb for Master Gunnery Sergeant, but right now I’m modelling an M14 for the rest of the rank.  I need crossed rifles, and they look like M14’s.  And as with the E G and A and the Great Seal, if I have to make it I’m going to make a good one that I can use for other items, so I’m modelling a full M14.  This won’t be offered for sale as a stand alone model, rather it will be a component I’ll use in future models.

So far I’ve done seven 2 rail sweeps.  Once I get all the parts made I’ll fit them together and do whatever sculpting I need.  The stock is 1 sweep but using 7  profiles.