Seal emblem

By request I’m making the US Navy Seal emblem.  Any requested item will always have priority over non-requested items, and since no one asked for the Marine rank it’s on the back burner.

I mentioned this to someone in an email this morning but thought I’d put it out there.  My goal is to offer every unit insignia for every military unit in the world.  If someone makes a request for a specific unit I don’t consider that custom work, I just move that unit up in the queue.  Even if no one requests it I’ll eventually make it anyway so doing it sooner is no problem.

Needless to say my initial non-requested offerings will be mostly US and European simply because that’s where CNC machines are most prevalent.  And since I loathe Chavez, Kirchner, and Imadinnerjacket Venezuela, Argentina, and Iran are not high on my list.

Seal emblem in progress

Trident, anchor, and pistol for the Seal emblem.