New models added

Well, it’s been a struggle but I finally managed to get some new models loaded to the site, as well as a slight re-design.  Aside from the rank previously mentioned I’ve also added 305th MI Bn unit crest by request.

Now for the struggle part:  I can’t publish to the website using the site builder or the ftp program that comes with it.  I can upload a few files at a time using Vodahost’s web ftp file manager, but they keep blocking me.  I keep having to reboot my router to get assigned a new ip.  So tonight I’ve rebooted my router about 15 times in order to get all the pics uploaded.  I also got the new pages uploaded by previewing them in Firefox, saving the page source, then uploading that via ftp.

In a nutshell, vodahost customer service is worthless.  It appears that each shift change someone notices my ticket is still open, sends me an email saying something inane like “I’ve rebooted the firewall, try it now.”  Believe it or not this is the response I got after the third escalation.  I tried it, and emailed back that it didn’t make any difference 15 hours ago.  I suspect that I’ll have an email from them waiting for me in the morning suggesting I reboot my computer but hold my tongue out the side of my mouth and squint so the computer will think I’m serious about it.

So, to make a long story no shorter, I’m shopping for new hosting.  At least with all the rigmarole I’ve gone through to get my pages uploaded I now know I can use their web page generator for any hosting.

Anyway, here’s some pics of the new stuff.  Marine Corps rank should be ready in a day or two.