Current project

I’m currently working on a request for an Army MP badge.  It’s kind of a strange animal, since as far as I can determine badges are not authorized for most military police.

Another issue with it is the seal in the middle.


This is the standard Army seal, with one exception:  The flags are reversed.  I’ve checked google image search and most of the badge pictures I’ve found are just like this.  I’ve found no official images of the badge.

This violates the protocol for display of the flag.  So that creates a problem for me, since I am determined to recreate these emblems as accurately as I can, including errors I find in them.  I want what I create to match what is being worn on uniforms by active duty members of our military.  On the other hand, I don’t want to violate flag protocol.

So that leaves me with creating this badge and using the standard army seal rather than the one pictured.  Now I had not intended to make an army seal, it’s readily available on  The person who requested it commented that he already has the seal just needs the badge part, so I have decided that that’s what I’m going to create.  This model will go on my site with a hole in the center to add the seal from another source.  Or a clock or something I guess.

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