US Military Academy Crest

The US Military Academy crest is ready for download.  Up next, USMC 2nd Law Enforcement Bn crest, followed by Marine Tactical Air Command Squadron 28, then eventually the Freefall parachutist badge, Pathfinder badge, and the 6 Army Diver badges.  If anyone is waiting for any of these badges I keep pushing back for requests you could always request it.  Requested models have the priority over the ones I’m just doing to fill in blanks.

One note about the West Point crest: There is no flat version of this banner.  Z would be too high with all the folds and having it flat.  I still included a version without the 3d text and included the text vectors but your software needs the capability to project the v-carve tool path onto a 3d surface to use them.

usma a 1 usma b 1 usma c 1