4 new models added

I’ve just uploaded the models for US Navy Gunners Mate, Air Traffic Control badge, Damage Controlman and USMC Air Support Squadron 1 crest.  This is a different order than I previously listed because the one I was working on, the US Military Academy crest, has many many many feathers and requests were starting to pile up.  So I knocked out the easy ones first.  Up next, the Special Boat Service blazer badge, the  US Military Academy crest, the US Army Freefall Parachute badge, Pathfinder badge and the 6 US Army Diver badges.

gunners mate a 1 gunners mate b 1 gunners mate c 1 navy atc a 1 navy atc b 1 navy atc c 1 dmg ctl a 1 dmg ctl b 1 dmg ctl c 1 mass1 a 1 mass1 b 1 mass1 c 1