US Navy Training Squadron 6

I’ve just uploaded the model for TRARON 6, now back to our regular scheduled modeling.

I’ve changed up the pictures again.  I started out posting pictures simulating the cut in limestone simply because I liked how it looked.  Eventually I decided to just leave it in the color I modeled it in, yellow, and I’ve been doing it that way ever since.  Recently I was perusing one of my customers sites and he’s got pictures from my blog displayed on his site for his customers to view and pick.  I thought that was a great idea but since he’s carving them in wood I thought I’d start posting them in wood so end customers can get a better idea.  So going forward I’ll be posting all pictures simulated in wood grain rather than yellow.  Additionally if you have a particular model that you want to post on your site and you want a better picture just let me know and I’ll shoot them to you.  Unfortunately I won’t be going back over the pictures I’ve already done since that would require me to tool path and simulate cutting every model I’ve already made, easily several weeks work.  If you have particular models that you need in wood grain I’ll be happy to oblige, I just won’t be doing a bulk change.

Up next, the US Naval Academy crest followed by the US Military Academy crest, the Special Boat Service blazer badge, the US Army Freefall Parachute badge, Pathfinder badge and the 6 US Army Diver badges.

traron6 a 1 traron6 b 1 traron6 c 1