Two New Models Added

USCG Rescue Swimmer Patch and USCG Aviation Survival Tech (AST) Rate are now available. On another note, deadlines are available again, which is why these are done out of order. There’s a $10.00 fee per model and the deadline is not guaranteed, I only promise that I will try. That’s because I’m a one man show, and when I was doing deadlines before I missed some due to family medical issues. When you’re the whole thing and something goes wrong the schedule goes right out the window.

I did deadlines for a long time, but I stopped due to abuse. I had models sitting at number one in the queue that I could never get to due to the never ending rush jobs, and when someone tells me they have to have the model by the end of the week for a change of command ceremony or retirement then they wait two months to buy it I start to suspect that maybe they didn’t really need to jump the queue like that. So this is a probationary thing. I would prefer to be able to help people when they get a short notice order, and I’ve kept my queue mostly empty this year with very short lead times. But this month most requests were for multiple models and they came in on top of each other so I’m playing catch up again.

Speaking of requests for multiple models, for those who don’t already know, if you request multiple models, unless you tell me you want them some other way, I’ll make them all and upload them all at once. That’s why you see odd numbers like the two today, while three in the queue show done. There’s a fourth in the queue that’s mostly done that goes with the other three, they’ll all go up sometime this weekend.

The current queue.

Model RequestRequest Date
USS RHODE ISLAND SSBN-740 (done)10/13/23
USS MARYLAND SSBN-738 (done)10/13/23
Submarine Squadron 20 (done)10/13/23
Roosevelt Roads Naval Station Patch10/13/23
Naval Air Station Alaska crest10/13/23
Canadian Scottish Regiment Crest10/17/23
503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment Patch10/17/23
2d Bn, 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment Patch10/17/23
508th Airborne Regiment Patch10/17/23
NMRTC Charleston10/18/23
Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management and Comptroller (ASA (FM&C)) Crest10/22/23
187th Infantry Regiment Assoc10/24/23
Navy Carrier Air Wing 810/25/23