New Model Added

Bill the Goat Naval Academy Mascot is now available on the Other Models Available page. As a reminder, that page is for items that are not official military emblems but might be of sufficient interest to folks other than the requester that I take a chance on making them available rather than charging for custom modeling. I do however restrict those items to combo pack only since I may spend considerable time on them but rarely see a sale from that page. I’ve also moved the combat diver badge from the Navy Badges page to the Marine Corps page after being notified that only Marine personnel are authorized to wear that badge.

A note for yahoo mail users. I don’t know what is causing this, but I occasionally get bounce backs from yahoo servers. Usually it says the mail is delayed but delivery is still being attempted. I attempted to reply to a customer on 8/30, got a delay message every 24 hours until last night when I got a final delivery fail notice. After which I then sent the message from my personal mail, but I don’t know if that went through or not. The thing is, every single one of these messages I get is from a yahoo server. It’s not every message I send to a yahoo user, but it’s only yahoo users. So if you’re a yahoo user, and you haven’t received an answer from me within 24 hours, that’s most likely why. And if you have a non-yahoo email you can use for contact that will probably speed things up.