Computer down again

I’m having hard drive problems. Shouldn’t be hard to fix, my boot drive is an m2 ssd and sometimes it’s not picked up on startup and sometimes it just randomly crashes. I have an empty m2 slot on my motherboard so I bought another m2 ssd and was planning to clone it this morning and just move on with my life but for some reason I can’t get it to boot at all with both drives mounted at once, so apparently the easy way out is not for me. I’ll be farting around with this for a while, it may just be that the new ssd is bad and needs replaced too but I don’t know that yet. Regardless, I don’t have access to Aspire until I get this nonsense fixed.

I got 13 months out of that ssd, less than half the life I should have gotten from it. I can’t express my joy at the prospect of having to re-install all this crap from scratch just over a year after a complete re-build.