Model Corrected

When I made the Army Master Gunner badge I used the wrong artwork, what turned out to be an early concept rather than the final approved badge. I got a request for a correct version and a very short investigation resulted in slapping myself in the forehead and starting from scratch. So the new one has now replaced the old one. Seems to be taking forever for the image map to update but the downloads are correct now.

In related news, another aftershock from the computer crash in January hit last week. Ok, it hit in January I just didn’t know until last week. This one resulted in the loss of pretty much all of my customer data from the last 8 years. I won’t go into details but when I finally figured out what happened I remembered why I swore over a decade ago to never use Windows again, only now instead of being inept they seem actively hostile to their users. Bottom line is I have to find everyone who bought the wrong version, and I have to use my sales providers reports to do it, and that’s no where near as easy as it would have been from my own data. So if you’ve bought it, and haven’t heard from me, shoot me an email in case I missed you.

In other news, if you sent me the image below with a request please hit me up on facebook or twitter, my email is being blocked by your server so I can’t get through to you.