I’m Back Up

New computer built and whoa, is this fast!  I went as powerful as I could since I want to be able to use this as long as possible.  Along with the new computer I’ve gone to windows 10.  I’m pretty well done with linux.  Don’t get me wrong, kubuntu was great and came with features that I’m having to buy for windows but I got tired of updates breaking things.  Usually it was the graphics and re-installing the driver was good enough to fix it, but earlier this month an update took out my wifi and it took 3 days and a mod from the ubuntu networking forum walking me through fixing it to get it back up.  The last windows system I really used on a daily basis was xp, so I’ve got a bit of a learning curve here.  I’m also finally using aspire 9.5, I’ve stayed with 8.5 until now because they changed a hot key that didn’t work in linux.  No longer an issue.  I’ll probably go ahead and move up to 10 since I’m having to get used to the new setup anyway.

I lost about 4 hours of work in the crash.  I’m not sure why since the time stamp on the latest save was only a few minutes before the crash, but when I loaded the file it just wasn’t in there.  Customer service has been piling up on me since I was down so long so I doubt I’ll be able to get back to that until tomorrow.  And of course the queue has continued to grow.

Riverside Reserve Air Refueling Transport Squadron Patch 06/18/19
4th Canadian Division Support Group Signal Sqn 06/19/19
USS Gerald R Ford crest 06/19/19
Strike Fighting Squadron 105 VFA-105 06/24/18
USS George Washington 07/03/19
USS The Sullivans 07/03/19
Navy SARC 07/23/19
USS Manchester LCS 14 08/28/19
USS Blue Ridge LCC-19 09/03/19
Afloat Training Group Western Pacific 09/03/19
NCTS Naples, Italy 09/03/19
NCTS Guam 09/03/19
USS San Diego 09/08/19
66th MI Patch 09/20/19
66th MI DAGGER Guidon 09/20/19
66th MI Challenge Coin 09/20/19
USS Camden Aoe-2 09/21/19
USS Sentry Crest 09/29/19
Sgt. Morales Club Medallion 10/01/19
CNATT Unit Oceana 10/07/19
Navy Rescue Swimmer Badge 10/12/19
81st Medical Surgical Operations Squadron (81 MSGS) 10/17/19
Coastal Riverine Group One Detachment Guam 10/18/19
Canadian Military Engineers (CME) 10/21/19
USS Higgins DDG-76 10/27/19
Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 24 (MALS-24) 10/28/19
91 Missle Security Forces Squadron patch 10/30/19
791 Missle Security Forces Squadron patch 10/30/19
891 Missle Security Forces Squadron patch 10/30/19
5th Security Force Squadron patch 10/30/19
USS AMERICA LHA6 Crest 11/04/19
Naval Education and Training Command crest 11/04/19
USS Winston Churchill DDG-81 11/06/19
Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 23 (HSC-23) 11/17/19
Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron (HSM) 75 11/17/19
USS Arleigh Burke DDG-51 11/17/19
Canadian Queens Own Rifles 11/17/19
63rd Theater Aviation Brigade unit crest 11/20/19
US Navy Civil Engineer Corps emblem 11/20/19
USMC Combined Action Program 12/02/19
3rd Marine Expeditionary Bde. 12/05/19
5th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO) Crest 12/05/19
5th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO) Patch 12/05/19
3RD Recon Bn 12/05/19
4th Air/Naval Gunfire Liason Company 12/05/19
A Co. 1St Bn 4th Marines Crest 12/05/19
A Co. 1St Bn 4th Marines Patch 12/05/19
1st Bn. 4th Marines crest 12/05/19
Commander Submarine Forces Atlantic 12/06/19
USS DELAWARE (SSN 791) 12/06/19
Defense Counter Intelligence and Security Agency 12/27/19
964th Airborne Air Control Squadron (AACS) 12/31/19
Royal Corps of Signals 01/01/20
USN Midshipman Anchor 01/05/20
Wm. R. Card Chapter, SFA Fort Lewis 01/06/20
4th Bn 1st Special Forces Group 01/06/20
2nd Bn 1st Special Forces Group 01/06/20
1st Bn 1st Special Forces Group 01/06/20
1st Special Forces Group Support Bn 01/06/20
1st Special Forces Group 01/06/20
3rd Bn 1st Special Forces Group 01/06/20
1st Special Service Force Black Devils 01/06/20
USS Wayne E Meyer DDG 108 01/30/20
Royal Highland Fusiliers cap badge 02/01/20