New Model Added

Canadian Black Watch Cap Badge is now available.

The current queue.

187th Infantry Regiment Distinctive Unit Insignia 06/13/19
Underwater Demolition Team Patch 06/18/19
Riverside Reserve Air Refueling Transport Squadron Patch 06/18/19
4th Canadian Division Support Group Signal Sqn 06/19/19
USS Gerald R Ford crest 06/19/19
Strike Fighting Squadron 105 VFA-105 06/24/18
USS George Washington 07/03/19
USS The Sullivans 07/03/19
Navy SARC 07/23/19
USS Manchester LCS 14 08/28/19
USS Blue Ridge LCC-19 09/03/19
Afloat Training Group Western Pacific 09/03/19
NCTS Naples, Italy 09/03/19
NCTS Guam 09/03/19
USS San Diego 09/08/19
66th MI Patch 09/20/19
66th MI DAGGER Guidon 09/20/19
66th MI Challenge Coin 09/20/19
USS Camden Aoe-2 09/21/19
USS Sentry Crest 09/29/19
Sgt. Morales Club Medallion 10/01/19
CNATT Unit Oceana 10/07/19
Navy Rescue Swimmer Badge 10/12/19
81st Medical Surgical Operations Squadron (81 MSGS) 10/17/19
Coastal Riverine Group One Detachment Guam 10/18/19
Canadian Military Engineers (CME) 10/21/19
USS Higgins DDG-76 10/27/19
Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 24 (MALS-24) 10/28/19
91 Missle Security Forces Squadron patch 10/30/19
791 Missle Security Forces Squadron patch 10/30/19
891 Missle Security Forces Squadron patch 10/30/19
5th Security Force Squadron patch 10/30/19
USS AMERICA LHA6 Crest 11/04/19
Naval Education and Training Command crest 11/04/19
USS Winston Churchill DDG-81 11/06/19
Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 23 (HSC-23) 11/17/19
Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron (HSM) 75 11/17/19
USS Arleigh Burke DDG-51 11/17/19
Canadian Queens Own Rifles 11/17/19
63rd Theater Aviation Brigade unit crest 11/20/19
US Navy Civil Engineer Corps emblem 11/20/19
USMC Combined Action Program 12/02/19
3rd Marine Expeditionary Bde. 12/05/19
5th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO) Crest 12/05/19
5th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO) Patch 12/05/19
3RD Recon Bn 12/05/19
4th Air/Naval Gunfire Liason Company 12/05/19
A Co. 1St Bn 4th Marines Crest 12/05/19
A Co. 1St Bn 4th Marines Patch 12/05/19
1st Bn. 4th Marines crest 12/05/19
Commander Submarine Forces Atlantic 12/06/19
USS DELAWARE (SSN 791) 12/06/19