3d Printing these models

I’ve made a change to the license terms which will apply to all models already sold.  I’ve got a customer who is using these models for a 3d printer, and after making several models for him it occurred to me that my existing license didn’t allow for that.  So I’ve added 3d printing to what’s allowed under the license.  I had meant to allow that all along but just hadn’t thought about it.  Disclaimer: If you want to remain under the license in force when you bought it you have that right.  However, please don’t contact me and ask me to file suit to prevent you from 3d printing models purchased under the old license, I’m just not going to do it.

On the same topic, I’ve been told that the stl files need to be closed on the back for 3d printing.  Everything I made before the Air Force Navigator wings was hollow in all styles, everything recent is solid in style a only.

There is an issue in Aspire in that it closes the front of the model on a dished model rather than the back.  I don’t know if Vectric will or even can fix this.  There is a work around I can use but it requires flat area at the material surface surrounding the model, something I’d rather not do.  It’s easy enough to do at the time of creation, only requiring a vector to be offset a little bit, but I don’t like how it looks.  However, if you want to 3d print a model in style b or c let me know and I’ll set it up for you.