Non-Military Emblem Modeling

While I’ve re-opened the queue, I’m only taking requests for military emblems, any custom modeling requests are being declined.

I think that one of the main factors in my getting burned out was the time pressure.  Most of that was caused by allowing deadlines to push back the non-deadline work so much that it stacked up.  I don’t want 70 or 80 models in my queue, even without deadlines and no one asking when their model would be ready having people waiting 8 or 9 months to get their request done drives me nuts.  I tried correcting that for a while last year by instituting a fee and a strict limit on deadlines but as of right now I’m not doing deadlines at all, I’m making the models in the order received.

I didn’t get the reset I was expecting by hiking 6 months, probably because I only got 4 days of actual hiking in.  I’m still burned out, I still dread opening Aspire, but my window for a through hike is already closed for this year.  There are people starting now but I’m still 3 weeks away from being cleared to start working out and hike again, and after 2 months of no exercise to speak of I’m not fool enough to try to knock out 2200 miles by the end of August.

Here’s the current queue.

Honor Guard Badge
Naval Special Warfare Group 10
410th Security Police Squadron Patch
USS Baya Crest
Royal Logistic Corps
Honorable Service Lapel Pin (Ruptured Duck)
Kings Bay Trident Refit Facility
USS South Dakota
USS Indiana
USS Virginia
USS Hyman G. Rickover
USS California
Naval Aircrew Systems PMA 202
Naval Air Systems Command
Colonel Eagle
106th Signal Bde Patch
106th Signal Bde DUI
USMC Infantry Weapons Officer (Gunner) insignia
Helicopter Martime Strike Squadron 78 (HSM-78)
Training Squadron (VT) 31