Free Samples

Don’t like that, no not at all.  I’m receiving sales reports every time someone downloads this sample.  I don’t need that, and you guys don’t need to be filling that stuff out just to get a free sample, so that sample has been removed from that page.  All samples are now in the gallery and there’s no more hoops to jump through to get them, just click the link under the picture and the pictured sample will download.  The first three are still on the home page but I’m very tempted to do away with most of those pages and just use the gallery as the main site.  All images have links to the sales page for the model imaged and most have links to the combo packs.  The combo pack links will need to go on all images first of course, and a few other pages will have to be made, for instance an about page and FAQ page.  The gallery is already easier to shop through since it has an excellent search function, something I’ve never been able to get to work on the original site.  Any thoughts on this?  I’d love to get some opinions.  Let me know what you think.