I’ve gotten a few questions about the queue closing so I thought I’d clarify things a little bit.

I’m way burned out on modeling.  Over 650 models without a break has really damaged my enjoyment of modeling.  This is something I used to do to relax, can’t say that any more.  So February 20, 2019 I’m starting the Appalachian Trail.  On average that takes 6 months to complete, and I’m planning to complete it, so I expect to be gone until sometime in August.  I’m fairly sure that stopping for 6 months to do something so different will do a lot to make modeling more enjoyable again.  Realistically speaking I may not be able to complete it, only 25% of the people that start finish and I’m no more immune to injury than anyone else.  If that happens I’ll re-open the queue earlier.

The 73 models currently in the queue will be done before I leave.  The site will stay up, it’s entirely automated on the sales end so everything up will still be available for purchase, I just won’t be adding to it.

If there is interest in a post hike queue I’ll do that, but right now if I put a request on that queue it will be 16 months or so before I make it.  I don’t know if anyone will want to wait that long but I’m open to it.

If you have any questions feel free to hit me up on facebook or email me.