Two more models

I’ve added two more models, the Bronze Star and the Army MP Corps emblem.  The MP Corps emblem was actually one I made several months ago and somehow got distracted and never uploaded.  No one had requested it so I got no inquiries about it and didn’t realize until I did a major backup this weekend.

mp a 1 mp b 1 mp c 1 bz a 1 bz b 1 bz c 1

Next up is the Silver Star, then the Ordnance Corps Emblem, then another website semi-redesign.  I’m going to split the Army page into 3 different pages; Distinctive Unit Insignia, Qualification Badges, and Branch Insignia.  It’s getting too crowded and confusing with everything all mixed together.  Eventually I’ll do the same with the Air Force page but so far it’s still mostly DUI.