Queue Update

Fyi, 10 days before Christmas is not the time to be requesting a model that you want to carve to make a Christmas present.  Right now if you were to tell me you need something ASAP I would tell you I can have it for you by January 25th.  I suspect by this time tomorrow the date I’ll be willing to commit to will be sometime in February.

The primary queue, with new in bold and deadlines in italics.

Army CID Crest
Army CID Badge
Army CID Seal
Marine OCS Crest
USMC 1st Tank Bn
USS Puget Sound
Air Force Operations Group
USAF Special Programs HQ crest
USAF Headquarters, Plans, Requirements
Nuclear Weapons Security Warfare Device
Office of Naval Intelligence
National Maritime Intelligence Integration Office
USMC Fox 2/5 Blackhearts (alternate guidon)
Navy Deep Submergence Pin
Seal Team 8 crest
80th Training Command Patch
107th ACR Patch
80th Training Command Crest
107th ACR Crest
USS Albuquerque Crest
Field Artillery 13F Fist (unofficial Forward Observer logo)
42nd Attack Squadron Crest
Air Transportation Badge
82nd Airborne DUI
Psyops Regimental Crest
Navy Test Pilot School Crest
DOD Service Badge
Army Security Agency Patch
Army Intelligence and Security Command
Royal Army Medical Corps
Royal Artillery
Queens Own Irish Hussars
Navy Medicine West
NPTU Charleston, SC
Marine CBRN Crest
Presidential Service Badge
55th Intelligence Support Sq

The secondary queue, which is going away soon.

Seabee Officer
Seabee Enlisted
Diving Officer
Diving Medical Officer/Medical Technician
Submarine Engineering Duty
Submarine Medical
Submarine Supply Corps
SURFACE Medical Corps
SURFACE Nurse Corps
SURFACE Dental Corps
SURFACE Medical Service Corps
Expeditionary Warfare Supply Officer
Integrated Undersea Surveillance System Officer/Enlisted
Submarine Combat Patrol Deep Submergence
Presidential Service
Vice Presidential Service
Office of SECDEC
Navy Recruiting Command Badge
Recruit Division Commander
Recruit Division Commander Excellence
Career Counselor
Corrections Specialist Shield
Nuclear Weapons Security Insignia
Command CPO
Command Master-at-Arms Shield