So Irma came through.  No power for 24 hrs, no internet until about 20 minutes ago.  Pretty minor damage in my neighborhood, couple of trees came down but mostly branches.  I cleaned up my yard with a rake.  The next neighborhood over, though, was a different matter.  Many trees down, many wires down and telephone poles broken.  As of last night they still didn’t have power despite an intense effort by the city.  I suspect they have power now since I’ve got internet, the cable company told me they couldn’t restore my service until the city got the poles back up.

Being without internet for a week truly sucked.  But I had power for all but one day, and with the heat around here I can’t really complain too much.  However, with far fewer distractions I was able to get some modeling done once the power came back up so I’ll be uploading 9 models later today.

I have an entire rant stored in my brain about my cell phone but we’ll let that go now that it’s no longer an issue.  Suffice it to say that I had no access to my business email until I uninstalled literally every app that I wanted to keep to free up enough room on the device.  I’ve got amazon open in another tab shopping for a replacement phone now and I’ll never again have a branded smartphone with all that bloat ware.