New Model Added

The Naval Expeditionary Supply Officer badge is now available.

The current queue, with new in bold and deadlines in italics.  You may note a few changes in this queue (aside from removing the one I just posted).  I had one queued up that I already had so that’s out of the queue, and I re-arranged things to put all the Navy flight wings together.  I’ll be making and uploading them two at a time when I get to them.  The first three in the queue were all requested by the same person so I’ll upload those three at the same time, probably after the first.

Botswana Defence Force Jump Wings
Army Staff Badge
Marine Barracks Washington DC
Aviation Experimental Psychologist/Aviation Psychologist
Naval Aviation Observer/Flight Meterologist
Naval Astronaut
Naval Flight Officer Astronaut

The secondary queue.

Professional Aviation Maintenance Officer
Information Dominance Warfare Officer
Seabee Officer/Enlisted
SWCC Senior
Submarine Engineering Duty
Submarine Medical
Submarine Supply Corps
SURFACE Medical Corps
SURFACE Nurse Corps
SURFACE Dental Corps
SURFACE Medical Service Corps
Expeditionary Warfare Supply Officer
Integrated Undersea Surveillance System Officer/Enlisted
Submarine Combat Patrol Deep Submergence
Diving Officer
Diving Medical Officer/Medical Technician
Master Diver
First Class Diver
Second Class Diver
Presidential Service
Vice Presidential Service
Office of SECDEC
Navy Recruiting Command Badge
Recruit Division Commander
Recruit Division Commander Excellence
Career Counselor
Corrections Specialist Shield
NCIS Shield
Nuclear Weapons Security Insignia
Command CPO
Command Master-at-Arms Shield

expeditionary_supply_ofc_a_1 expeditionary_supply_ofc_b_1 expeditionary_supply_ofc_c_1