337th Aircraft Control Squadron is complete…

and I don’t like it.  I normally post my pictures on the site at an angle to show off the height of the model, but in this case what looks like a slightly demented wolf from the front looks like a head with legs from an angle.  Unfortunately the angle of the original artwork would have required me to have an unreasonable z height to make it look good from an angle, probably measured in feet!

So I did the best I could to make it look good from head on, and even that ended up at 5 inches of z.  I ended up shrinking it down to fit in my standard height for modelling a crest (3 inches z) and ended up with style a at 2.999 inches in height, mostly the wolf.  I really have my doubts that this will carve well at all and no chance it will carve right on a CarveWright.

Shrinking it cost a lot of detail on the wolf, and shrinking it any more will most likely not only render the wolf a featureless blob but also wash out the background detail.  And it will most likely need to be shrunk down since it’s almost 20″x18″x3″.

Bottom line, don’t buy this one if you don’t have to.  Seriously.

337 acs a 1 337 acs a 2337 acs a extra