Strategic Sealift Officer Badge

Strategic Sealift Officer badge model is now ready.

The current queue, with new in bold and deadlines in italics:

USS Columbia
USS Louisville
USS Texas
USS North Carolina
USS Santa Fe
756th Transportation Railway Shop Bn
USS Mississippi
USS Cheyenne
USS Jacksonville
USS Charlotte
USS Greeneville
USS Buffalo
USAF Fire Protection Badge (Firefighter)
USS Olympia
USS Jefferson City
USS Bremerton
USS Tucson
2d Battalion, 2d Marines, 2d Marine Division
USAF Asst Fire Chief
USS John Young
SWCC Master Pin
Acquisition and Financial Management Badge
SpecOps Weather
US Army Civil Affairs Branch Insignia
Joint Chiefs of Staff badge

strategic_sealift_officer_a_1 strategic_sealift_officer_b_1 strategic_sealift_officer_c_1