Three New Models

I’ve just completed uploading US Army Chaplain and Chemical Corps branch insignias and Navy Surface Warfare Officer badge.  Up next, Spec Ops Diver and Diver Supervisor badges, USAF Master Medic badge, 174th Air Defense Artillery Bde patch and crest, 30th Armored Brigade Combat Team patch, Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command Airborne emblem, USS Bunker Hill, Medal of Honor (Navy).  As usual, items in italics have deadlines and this order is subject to change.

chaplain_corps_a_1 chaplain_corps_b_1 chaplain_corps_c_1 chemical_corps_a_1 chemical_corps_b_1 chemical_corps_c_1 surface_warfare_officer_a_1 surface_warfare_officer_b_1 surface_warfare_officer_c_1