Two New Models

Two new models have been added, 363rd Flying Training Sq and 772 Test Sq.  The current queue: HSM-41, Medal of Honor, 160th SOAR patch and crest, Special Forces tab and patch, Sapper tab, Army Finance Corps, Army Adjutant General Corps, Army Inspector General, Army Quartermaster Corps, Army Chaplain Corps, Army Spec. Ops. Diver and Diver Supervisor badges, 2-319 Field Artillery Regt. crest, Special Forces crest, USAF Master Medic badge.  As always, the ones in italic have deadlines, and this order is not carved in stone.

363_fts_a_1 363_fts_b_1 363_fts_c_1 772_test _sq_a_1 772_test _sq_b_1 772_test _sq_c_1