Five New Models

I’ve just finished the site update to add 5 more models: Naval Auxiliary Landing Field San Clemente Island crest, Navy Security Forces badge, US Army Logo, and Senior and Master EOD badges.  Up next, Naval Construction Group 1, 30th Naval Construction Regt., Air Mobility Command, USAF Europe, C Co., 2D Light Armored Recon Bn, D Co, 2D Light Armored Recon Bn, 2D Light Armored Recon Bn, Army Intelligence Regimental Crest, Senior and Master Supply and Fuels badges.  As usual, anything in italics has a deadline so this order may change if needed.

army_logo_a_1 army_logo_b_1 army_logo_c_1 master_eod_a_1 master_eod_b_1 master_eod_c_1 nalf_san_clemente_island_a_1 nalf_san_clemente_island_b_1 nalf_san_clemente_island_c_1 navy_security_badge_a_1 navy_security_badge_b_1 navy_security_badge_c_1 senior_eod_a_1 senior_eod_b_1 senior_eod_c_1