Three New Models

I’ve just completed the uploads for 3 new models: Australian Airborne Engineers wings, Tactical Air Command crest, and USCG Tactical Law Enforcement Team Pacific.  Up next: custom, Naval Auxiliary Landing Field San Clemente Island crest, Navy Master at Arms badge, Air Mobility Command, Wsaf Europe, C Co., 2D Light Armored Recon Bn, D Co, 2D Light Armored Recon Bn, 2D Light Armored Recon Bn, Naval Construction Group 1, 30th Naval Construction Regt.  As usual, anything in italics has a deadline so this order may change if needed.

aus_airborne_eng_a_1 aus_airborne_eng_b_1 aus_airborne_eng_c_1 tac_l_e_team_pac_a_1 tac_l_e_team_pac_b_1 tac_l_e_team_pac_c_1 tactical_air_command_a_1 tactical_air_command_b_1 tactical_air_command_c_1