Contact Form Update/Queue Update

Shortly after explaining to someone in an email that I hadn’t been able to figure out a way to send pictures through the contact form, I figured out a way to send pictures through the contact form.  So it’s been updated.  This time I was smart enough to test it after messing with it so it still works.

The form itself is the same, the descriptive text above it has been altered in two places.  One is a mailto: link with my email address, the other is the following text: “You can include a link to the image if you have one or there will be a link to upload an image once you have submitted your request.”  The other change is to the “Success” page that displays after successfully sending a message using the form.  That page now has a link which will allow you to select a file to upload to my drop box.

Kind of sad it took me three years to think of that.

The current queue: Coast Guard Honor Guard, custom, custom, Australian Airborne Engineers wings.  This will be my fist Australian emblem so there’s a new page coming to the web site.