I mentioned in my last post that I had finally caught up on my queue.  Now I know why.  When I updated to the new gallery and updated all the links on all my pages I broke my contact form.  I didn’t realize that it wasn’t working because I get a lot of email directly from my customers and also from two other automated systems so I didn’t catch the reduction.  I got an email from a customer this morning that they weren’t getting an answer from the contact page so I tested it and sure enough, broke.  There are two redirect pages from the contact form, one saying the message went through and one saying it failed, if you didn’t see one of those then nothing happened when you hit submit.  I made that update on 11/30/15 and went through my email and confirmed I haven’t received anything from that system since then, so if you tried to contact me and haven’t heard back from me please try again.   Also, if you tried to contact me in any way and haven’t heard back from me within 12 hours re-send your message.  I have constant access to my email and usually reply within an hour or two of the time you send it.

So here’s how you can get in touch with me.  The contact form, email at, a message or a post on my facebook page, through my twitter account,  via pm on the Vectric forum.  By far the best way is to email me directly, all the other ways are just adding a middle layer between what you type and the email notification I eventually receive.