Fallen Soldier Memorial and Carvewright Designer

I received a contact through the contact form a little while ago from a Carvewright Designer user trying to import the tiff file.  Unfortunately the email address was invalid so I’m going to post the response here and hope he sees it.

According to this site, the carvewright designer imports stl
models. There is an stl file in the zip and this is the method I'd
recommend for loading this model. If for some reason you need to use a
grayscale bitmap then the tiff is a much higher resolution bitmap than 
a bmp file, that's why I use it. If bmp is your only choice then you can
load the tiff up in microsoft paint or any other image editor like gimp
and just save as bmp, then load it into designer. If you do stick with
tiff or bmp you will need to increase the z height of the model since
bitmap formats flatten models. You will also need to re-smooth it. 

I include the tiff as a last resort if you can't import any of the others.
If you can use the stl you will have much better results. Good luck.

2 thoughts on “Fallen Soldier Memorial and Carvewright Designer

  1. Importing the TIFF file using Photoshop is the method I used to create the pattern that CarveWright removed today. I apologize for using your file, without your permission. I obviously assumed liberties with a (as I thought) free file. There was no readme.txt file included in the free download. The significant meaning of the file inspired me. The TIFF files are of extremely high quality! I am very impressed! Can you please share how you create them? Perhaps we can work together to import the files for CarveWright. You can sell them in their store, and here.

  2. The problem wasn’t with creating the pattern, I expect that to happen and is not a violation of my license. It was then posting that work on a forum for others to download that created the problem. I would have preferred to contact you directly in the forum and just ask you to remove them but it’s not the easiest forum to get into. However, I’m a member now and about to post a discussion thread about this there.

    It’s my intention to work with carvewright users, so please join in the discussion on that forum and we’ll try to figure something out.

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