Vector Images

I frequently get asked about vector images of military emblems.  I do a lot of vector tracing but the vectors I end up with to make the components of a 3d model rarely bear any resemblance to the finished model.  Since vector tracing is the least fun part of this I’m not interested in tracing all these images to offer vectors.

Long before I started this I found  They offer vector images of a lot of stuff, including a lot of military emblems.  They’re oriented towards vinyl cutting but those vectors need little work to be v-carve ready, so I’ve been sending people there for their vector needs.  A couple of days ago I signed up for their affiliate program so now I have a search box on the left side of my home page and my products page that will allow you to directly search their site.  For example, in testing I searched for “coast guard” and it returned 137 images.

Full disclosure, I receive a commission on your purchase if you use my link or search box.  Frankly it’s a negligible amount but it doesn’t change what you pay for it and that dollar is going in someones pocket so it might as well be mine.  Also in the interest of disclosure, I bought the pack the link leads to 4 or 5 years ago.  I’m saying they need little work to make v-carveable because I’ve v-carved some of them, and it’s mostly deleting duplicate vectors and occasionally repairing a corner or line.