Four New Models

I’ve just uploaded the models for the Command Ashore, Command at Sea, OIC Ashore, and OIC at Sea badges, all USCG.  Up next, Army JAG pin, Army Ordnance Corps crest, USMC 9th Eng Supt Bn, Marine Corps Installations Pacific, 3rd Marine Logistics Group, USMC Combat Logistic Regiment 35, Headquarter Regt 3rd MLG, Logistics Branch, 1/228 Avn Regt., 22nd SAS Regt.

cg command ashore a 1 cg command ashore b 1 cg command ashore c 1 cg command at sea a 1 cg command at sea b 1 cg command at sea c 1 oic afloat a 1 oic afloat b 1 oic afloat c 1 cg oic ashore a 1 cg oic ashore b 1 cg oic ashore c 1