Volume Discount

Some time back I set up a page on my sales portal that had all the models listed with radio buttons next to them to make it easy to buy in bulk.  I set it up so that any order of 6 or more would generate an automatic 10% discount.  That page was a tremendous PITA to maintain.  It literally accounted for more than half the time spent updating the site every time I added a model.  After about 6 months or so I went through the logs and found that, despite having added it by request, no one had ever been on that page.  So I dropped it, permanently.  It’s not coming back.  However, I recently had an inquiry about a discount for multiple models so I decided to bring that discount back as a coupon code.  There is a slight change to it, instead of needing 6 products in your cart you need $150 worth of products for the discount to apply, so that means combo packs will get you to the discount quicker.  This discount does not apply to custom modeling.

I’m not advertising this anywhere, I’m just announcing here on the blog and echoed on facebook and twitter.  There is no end date yet for this offer, I’ll announce here when it ends.  If you want to take advantage of this offer the coupon code is:     BULKRATE