Queue update

I’ve had to do a little re-organization in order to meet some deadlines.  Marine Corps rifle and pistol marksmanship badges are no longer in the queue.  They’ll be added back in if someone requests them or if the pace of requests slows down to the point that I get caught up.  The same goes for the Army diver badges.

The current queue: custom modeling, custom modeling, 214th Recon Sq patch, Air National Guard patch, 214th Operations Support Sq patch,  older style Naval Parachutist badge, Master Civil Engineer Badge, First Class Petty Officer (Navy) collar pin, CG Command Ashore, Command at Sea, Officer in Charge Ashore, Officer in Charge Afloat, Army Jag Corps, 9th Eng Supt Bn, Marine Corps Installations Pacific, 3rd Marine Logistics Group, Combat Logistics Regiment 35, Headquarters Regt 3rd MLG.

This order is subject to change of course.  I need to do those two custom jobs in the next 10 days or so, frankly that’s a little tight for one of them.  Of the others, I may re-order the list by branch so that I’m doing all the Air Force, then Navy, then Coast Guard, then Army, then Marine Corps.   That would allow me to update those web pages in groups rather than updating the same page every few days.