CNC Military Emblems provides ready to cut 3d models of military unit crests.    Models are frequently added so check back often.  If you don't see the crest you need for your project, simply click the contact button and let me know which unit you need a crest for and I will make that one as soon as possible.

All models are created using Aspire by Vectric and come in the following formats: .3dclip, .stl, and grayscale height map.  V-Carve Pro or Desktop 8.0 or better please click here.  Cut3d users please click here for information about dished models.

Each crest is available in 3 styles: a plain 3d model of the crest, a crest in a dish, and a crest in a sculpted dish.  Each crest with a motto also is available by request with a model that has a flat text area in the banner and includes the vectors needed to v-carve the text.  If you're planning to cut a small one you will need micro bits to carve the 3d letters.  V-carving them is a good alternative.

Other than the text, I don't offer vector images.  The vectors used to generate the parts of the model rarely look anything like the finished product.  However, I have signed up as an affiliate with  Their vector images of military emblems are the closest to cut ready that I've found.  They do need a little bit of editing, mostly getting rid of extra vectors, but they're very close.  You can click the link to their name or you can directly search their site using the search box to the left.
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